Do you own property in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties and are you looking for a property management company? If so, you might find yourself feeling stressed by all the micromanaging you do on a day-to-day basis. Stringer Management is here to help you with your rental investment portfolio whether it’s one property or multiple properties if you’re a US Citizen, Canadian or international owner.

We specialize in the following property management services whether Furnished or Unfurnished for the following List of Properties:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Villas
  • Duplex
  • Studios
  • Mobile Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Vacation Rentals & Property Management
  • Investment Portfolio of Multiple Properties
  • Non-Management Services for Annual Unfurnished Properties


Promoting your property is easy when you use Stringer Management. We have you covered every step of the way from listing your property in the MLS to scheduling appointments with prospective tenants. Whether you’re a new rental listing or a repeat rental listing, we’ll do a market analysis on your property to let you know the current rental market so we can get you the best and highest price on your home. Our team will begin marketing your property for rent the last 30 days of rent if your tenant chooses to vacate. All showings are scheduled directly with tenants and prospective tenants by one of our agents. Realtors refer to us because they know we’ll take care of their clients and pay a referral fee when their qualified prospect rents from our office whether for an annual lease or vacation reservation. Our agents also work with all Realtors in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte Counties to schedule timely showings.

We will market your property with the best photos, signage if permitted, social media, e-blasts, and through the MLS (which branches out to dozens of real estate websites) and directly on our website. The end goal is to get your property rented quickly so there is very little downtime in between tenants, and you get the most cash flow for your investment.


Our office will handle the day to day maintenance of your property because we have the resources to keep up with the demand of the job. All our vendors /contractors are insured with our office and better yet, there is no markup on your invoices like most management companies will do. Our property managers are in contact with your tenants and you as owners whether it’s via phone, text or email (whatever works best!). As a result, nothing falls between the cracks. Our office handles all your lease agreements, guest reservations, renewals, yearly inspections, move In & move Out inspections between tenants/guests and filing of Florida Tourist Tax and Association approval paperwork to make an easy transition for all parties involved. What sets us apart from other management companies is there is “NO MARK UP” on vendor invoices. Our agents are available for support whether during and outside of regular office hours because your business is important to us 24/7.

Financial Services

At Stringer Management all our rents are due on the 1st of each month, late rents are subject to late fees and our bookkeeper will process your rent the same day that it comes into our office excluding holidays and weekends. Our office will deliver your owner deposit to the bank either the same day or no later than the next business day. All our owners will receive a monthly owner statement when your property is rented or if we’re paying bills on your property until it rents. In addition to your monthly statement, you’ll receive copies of invoices from vendors that have been hired to service your property. What sets us apart from other management companies is there is “NO MARK UP” on vendor invoices. Our office will handle filing any tourist tax with the State of Florida for seasonal vacation rentals booking less than six months. At year end, you’ll receive an owner statement showing the entire year and a 1099 or 1042 if you’re an international owner.


Our company motto is “We treat your property as if it were our own!” Therefore, Stringer Management will handle tenant maintenance requests daily. If you’re looking to do a renovation, we will oversee your job during the transition of painting, flooring installation, and/or kitchen renovations no matter how big or small of a job it is. Our agents will handle repairs up to $500 without owner approval and communicate with the property owner or investor so they are aware of the upcoming expense. Keep in mind, our repair limit isn’t set in stone so we will cater to each individual owner. Our agents perform annual, regular property inspections and maintenance to ensure the upkeep of your investment. Any issues with the home will be brought to your attention as soon as possible for us to review and rectify efficiently as needed.

Screening of Tenants & Safety of Tenants

At Stringer Management, we understand the importance of your property and tenants remain safe while a property is being shown to prospective tenants. All our properties are shown by a Florida Licensed Realtor. There is never a time that a client is given keys, codes or allowed to enter a property whether it’s occupied or not without a licensed agent. We make sure all our applicants for rentals from six months to a year fill out a rental application, credit report inquiry, verify employment and rental references. Applicants for our furnished properties with reservations of six months or less are paid in full at the beginning of the lease. All applicants are presented to the owners to accept, deny or counter back on the applicant because, after all, this is your investment. As an owner, you’ll remain in control of who moves into your property as we do our due diligence to provide you with all the required information to approve a new prospective tenant.

Our lease and rental guidelines are approved by our attorney who advises us of the ever-changing landlord/tenant laws. A security deposit is required from all tenants and sometimes tenants are required to pay last month’s rent up front at the beginning of a lease term and those funds are maintained in a separate escrow account at Stringer Management while we manage your property.

Future Property Owners - Our Services

We offer complete flexibility when it comes time for you to choose the right management services that will benefit you the most. We offer annual rental property management for unfurnished properties, vacation rental management for furnished properties and annual non-management for unfurnished properties. Our licensed Florida Realtors also handle real estate sales if you’re interested in selling your home, looking to purchase a first-time home, or start an investment portfolio in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties.

Owner’s Home & Condo Associations

In Florida, most of our home & condo associations often require a rental application and approval process for new tenants or seasonal guests. We’ll handle submitting all paperwork to the association for an easy approval process. This is one less thing you’ll have to worry about!