Are you interested in real estate investments in Sarasota, Florida?

Sarasota is situated on Sarasota County's southwest coast. This city is renowned for its fine cultural attractions and white shorelines. Due to its world-class white sand beaches and flourishing economy, Sarasota, Florida, has long been a top choice among seniors and vacationers.

Sarasota is an accessible coastal town that merges the diverse culture of Florida's Gulf Coast with a more sophisticated urban elegance. It is located only a few hours from both Tampa and Orlando.

This city has a robust and diverse economy. Its main drivers are education, the arts, the tourist industry, and the financial sectors. The weather is lovely, even in the winter months!

So, is it worthwhile to make a real estate investment in Sarasota? Absolutely!

Real estate in Sarasota is popular right now. However, there are a few factors, such as location, that potential real estate investors must take into account before making a purchase.

Stringer Management will discuss the best neighborhoods in Sarasota for your upcoming real estate investment in this article. You'll discover which areas of this region of Florida offer the greatest potential for real estate investors.

Best Sarasota Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Laurel Park

Laurel Park, a part of Sarasota's downtown, received its National Register of Historic Places District designation in 2008. This means you shouldn’t make significant renovations until you've consulted the relevant authorities.


The architecture in this area is incredible, as you might expect from a designated historic district. Bungalows and residential apartments in the Colonial, Mission and Mediterranean revival architectural styles can be found there, giving the area a vintage feel.

The streets are lined with bricks to maintain the neighborhood’s classic image. This neighborhood has everything you require if you're looking for convenience. As one of Sarasota's most walkable neighborhoods, Laurel Park has convenient access to everything the city's downtown offers.

Laurel Park is near the inlet and across the main road leading to Lido Key. This neighborhood is just minutes from the Ringling Museum, Siesta Key Beach and St Armand’s Circle. There is also a shopping mall located within walking distance.

Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is a master-planned urban development in southwest Sarasota County, Florida. Lakewood Ranch is the neighborhood for you if you want a place to buy an investment property in Sarasota.

The neighborhood's open spaces and recreational areas make up more than half of the area. A renowned golf course and a polo club were both created as a result of this policy.

There are walking and biking trails as well. So, if having a lot of green space is high on your list of must-haves, you should seriously consider Lakewood Ranch.


The atmosphere in Lakewood Ranch is open and suburban, even though many of the amenities suggest a posh gated community. Each village has a convenient downtown area for dining and shopping, and beautiful wetlands encircle the entire development.

Additionally, it is a proudly green community where all new construction must adhere to environmental standards the Florida Green Building Coalition sets.

Although popular with retirees, Lakewood Ranch is a great place for families. This community is located near major highways and offers easy access to all Southwest Florida's major employment centers: Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

Siesta Key

Siesta Key, Florida, is a prime spot for real estate investment in the United States because of its high-end amenities that most people enjoy.

Siesta Key has world-famous beaches, an affluent residential community, and no sales tax on luxury items. Hence, it should be no shock that Siesta Key is also one of Sarasota's most sought-after neighborhoods.

Most of the island's development is focused mainly on Siesta Key Village, where you can find waterfront eateries and open-air bars where you'll frequently observe dolphins playing in the waves.

Just be aware that if you plan to live here forever, the busy winter season may bring a sizable influx of snowbirds and tourists.

Gillespie Park

Gillespie Park is located on South Port Street in Sarasota, Florida. It lies between Main Street and Lido Beach Avenue. Although home prices have steadily increased over the years, this burgeoning neighborhood offers pedestrian movement, open spaces, and relatively affordable home values.

This neighborhood, which is just north of the city center of Sarasota, is full of old houses, many of which have recently undergone tasteful renovations.

Gillespie Park is currently a great place to live or invest. Gillespie Park, one of the county's biggest parks, serves as the neighborhood's focal point. It is a destination for people looking for a sense of urban living without sacrificing the Florida feel.

Indian Beach Sapphire Shores

Indian Beach Sapphire Shores is a special place where you can feel the beauty of the Florida coast and enjoy beautiful weather on your investment. The neighborhood has many distinctive features that make it a perfect real estate location.


Indian Beach Sapphire Shores, one of the poshest communities in the greater Sarasota area, is situated next to the magnificent Ringling estate.

The twin parks of Sapphire Shores and Indian Beach, along with modest single-family homes and breathtaking views of Sarasota Bay, can all be found in this neighborhood.

Due to the presence of the Ringling College of Art Design and the New College of Florida, the neighborhood has a charming college-town feel and a steady flow of prospective tenants.

There are a few public parks in the community, and investors can also build beachfront pools or tennis courts to make their investment even more valuable. Indian Beach is a perfect place for real estate investors who wish to bring their projects to life.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Sarasota

Due to the unique characteristics that make Sarasota a great city, it has become popular among real estate investors.

This area is popular among investors because it attracts senior citizens and tourists and offers sandy beaches, tourism-related activities, and pleasant weather throughout the year.

If you're looking to buy real estate in Sarasota, you might want to look at Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Laurel Park, Indian Beach Sapphire Shores, and Gillespie Park. Contact the experts at Stringer Management right away if you have any inquiries about investment opportunities in Sarasota, Florida!