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How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

Owning a rental property can be a great source of income, but finding and retaining long-term tenants is essential for long-term success. High tenant turnover can result in lost income, increased maintenance costs, and cause you to dedicate increased time to filling vacancies. 

However, there are strategies you can use to make your rental property more appealing to renters and ensure you create a positive landlord-tenant relationship. In this article, we will discuss eight tips for attracting long-term tenants.

Continuously Market Your Rental Home

To attract long-term tenants, keep your rental property consistently marketed. This means utilizing all available marketing channels to promote your property to potential renters.

It's essential to create an online presence. You can achieve this by listing your rental on popular rental websites and social media pages and providing quality photos and detailed descriptions of your property. 

Advertising your property using these strategies will ensure that it is always on the radar of potential renters, making it easier to fill vacancies quickly.

Enhance Your Rental's Security

Safety is a top priority for renters, and enhancing your rental's security is essential to attracting long-term tenants. This means ensuring your rental property has proper security measures to prevent break-ins, theft, and other security-related incidents.

a contractor in a yellow vest inspects the front door of a rental property to ensure it adheres to building codes

Installing deadbolt locks, window locks, security cameras, and motion sensors are just a few examples of security measures that you can implement.

Ensure you communicate with your tenants about the security measures in place and provide them with clear instructions on how to use them. These measures will give renters peace of mind, making them more likely to stay long-term.

Promptly Attend to Maintenance and Repair Issues

Tenants appreciate landlords who attend to maintenance and repair issues promptly. To attract long-term tenants, you need a reliable maintenance team that can attend to issues quickly and efficiently.

Ensure you communicate with your tenants about maintenance schedules and give them ample notice before any maintenance work is carried out.

By attending to maintenance and repair issues promptly, you show your tenants that you care about their well-being and are committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment, which can increase the likelihood of them staying long-term.

Consider Amenities

Offering in-demand amenities in your rental property can make it more attractive to potential tenants and increase the likelihood of attracting long-term tenants. Amenities like a swimming pool, hot tub, gym, or secured parking lot can make your property more desirable to renters.

When considering adding new amenities to your rental, make sure they are within your budget and align with renters' preferences.

This will make your rental property more attractive and show your tenants that you care about their comfort and convenience, increasing their likelihood of staying long-term.

Respect Tenants' Privacy

Respecting tenants' privacy is crucial to fostering a healthy landlord-tenant relationship and attracting long-term tenants. It's important to provide notice before entering the property, even if it's just for routine maintenance.

a contractor in a blue plaid shirt inspects a hanging light fixture and replaces a lightbulb

Also, ensure that your tenants' contact information is confidential and not shared with third parties. Always request your tenants' permission before showing the property to new potential renters, and ensure that their belongings are not disturbed during viewings.

Demonstrating respect for tenants' privacy makes you more likely to build a long-term relationship with them, leading to lower tenant turnover and a stable rental income.

Offer Lease Renewal Incentives

Offering lease renewal incentives is an excellent way to attract long-term tenants. These incentives can include a rent discount, waived fees, or upgrades to the property, such as new appliances or a fresh coat of paint in a colour of your renter’s choice.

Ensure you communicate these incentives to your tenants well before their lease expiry date, giving them ample time to consider their options.

Additionally, don’t forget to make sure the lease renewal incentives you offer are within your budget and align with your long-term rental property goals.

These lease renewal incentives demonstrate that you value your tenants' loyalty and are committed to providing them with a comfortable living environment.

Be Reasonable with Rent Increases

Rent increases are a normal part of managing a rental property, but it's essential to be reasonable and considerate when implementing them. Raising the rent too high can result in high tenant turnover and a loss of rental income.

a small toy house made of wood with a red roof sits on a black calculator on a white background

When considering rent increases, ensure you are keeping up with the market and not pricing your property out of your target renters' budget. Consider implementing gradual rent increases instead of large, sudden increases, making it easier for tenants to budget and plan for the increase. 

It's essential to communicate with your tenants about the reasons for the rent increase and provide them with ample notice before implementing it.

By being reasonable and considerate with rent increases, you show your tenants that you value their financial well-being and are committed to maintaining a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Exercise Fair and Equal Treatment

Treating all tenants fairly and equally is crucial to maintaining a positive landlord-tenant relationship and attracting long-term tenants.

Having clear policies and applying them consistently to all tenants is essential. This includes screening tenants, addressing lease violations, and handling maintenance and repair issues.

Additionally, it's essential to avoid discriminatory practices and ensure that all tenants are treated equally regardless of race, gender, religion, or other characteristics.

Exercising fair and equal treatment helps you build trust with your tenants, making it more likely that they will stay long-term and recommend your property to others.


Attracting and retaining long-term tenants is vital to the success of your rental property, and the tips outlined above can help you achieve this goal. Stringer Management offers a range of property management services designed to help property owners attract and retain long-term tenants.

Our team of experienced property managers is dedicated to ensuring that your rental property is well-maintained and your tenants are happy. Contact us today to learn how we can help you attract and retain long-term tenants for your rental property!

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