"We treat your property as if it were our own!"
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Our Commitment

“…We treat your property as if it were our own…” Our Commitment

At Stringer Management, we are dedicated to providing you with the most professional rental, property management and/or sales service. Our experienced agents will support you throughout your relationship with us, 24/7. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, responsiveness and communication, we have proven for over 20 years that we have a winning formula, one that benefits our clients.


Committed to be the best, most responsive and friendliest service 24/7.


You are not a number but a valued client, one we will support and work with to the best of our ability. This is your property, but we treat it like it is our own!


We strive to reply to all enquiries by the end of the next business day and work to resolve any maintenance issues as soon as we are notified.


We present all and any offers to owners and never mark up any vendors invoice.


Our excellent reputation was not earned overnight, but has and is earned each day since 1991. Not one to rest on our laurels, we work to improve every day.


No fake bells and whistles. We communicate and work honestly with all our clients. We will find you the best deal for YOU!


Cannot be bought or traded. Like our reputation we have worked and earned our experience over the last 20+ years, spanning all facets of the rental, property management and sales business in our local markets.


We earn it anew with each client and we look forward to earning yours too.
We thank you for choosing to use our services and giving us the opportunity to make your rental, property management and/or sale as efficient and positive as possible.

Welcome to the family, Team Stringer and all its resources are on your side!
Diane has provided worry free service for my rental. Any problems were taken care of promptly. When I decided to sell my townhouse, Diane had two offers within four weeks. I could not recommend her enough. Thanks Diane!

— Dan Robedeau
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