Property Management Companies Sarasota FL

The Sarasota area is in need of additional rental properties, homes and/or condominiums to satisfy the demand for single family housing. We are also in need of furnished units to fill the needs of our winter visitors and those wishing to rent furnished units on an annual basis.

offers a unique rental and property management/sales program to ease the burden of absentee ownership.

We have implemented an annual rental program designed to protect you, as an investor through tenant qualification and periodic on-site inspections of the property to mention only a few of our services.

We stay in close communication with you at all times. Our company policy of timely rent collection is strictly enforced, never losing sight of the fact that we work for you, the owner/investor.

On our seasonal rental program we collect all monies at check-in and disburse funds to the owner expeditiously. We handle all requests from the tenant.

About Stringer Management


At STRINGER MANAGEMENT, INC. we stay aware of current market conditions, thus allowing us to rent your property at its highest value.

Vacancies are minimized by using a broad range of advertising media, including signs, Multiple Listings Service (MLS), Website and newspaper advertising.

(Annual Rentals)

STRINGER MANAGEMENT'S goal is to secure qualified tenants. Our extensive screening and lease procedures help ensure this. All pertinent tenant information is discussed with the owner.

Our lease form is approved by our attorney who advises us of the ever changing landlord/tenant laws. A security deposit, which is maintained in a separate escrow account, is required from all tenants.


Customarily, rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late rents are subject to late fees.

Our goal has been to disburse funds within 48 hours of rent received. A monthly statement of income and expense is also provided. An annual income and expense statement is sent to the owner at the end of each year, which minimizes the tedious task of tax preparation.


STRINGER MANAGEMENT, INC. has qualified, insured and reasonably priced vendors who will do the job according to our high standards. We solicit competitive pricing and make recommendations to the owner on repairs over $500.

We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property at current high standards. A 24-hour emergency "on-call" telephone number is provided.